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Carey High School and Related Links


BALDWIN HIGH SCHOOL: 377-9296 – "Bruins" - S. State to Exit 20S,(Baldwin S) turns onto Grand Ave. S. Make a left off of Grand Ave. to High School Drive (Shopping Center on left, North Fork Bank on right).

BALDWIN MIDDLE SCHOOL: 377-9296 – S. State to Exit 20S.(Baldwin S) onto Grand Ave., continue southcross over Sunrise Hwy., Merrick Rd., Atlantic Ave., continue south on Grand Ave. to Imperial Dr., make left onto Imperial Dr., cross over Schreiber Pl. into parking lot.

BERNER JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: 797-6197 – Going East on Sunrise Hwy., make right on Carmans Mill Rd. between Old Sunrise Hwy. & Merrick Rd.(East of Sears)

BETHPAGE HIGH SCHOOL: 733-3762 – "Golden Eagles" – Rte. 135 (Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway). Traveling South, to exit 9, Broadway, Bethpage. Make right to fork, bear right at fork (Cherry Avenue) to school. Traveling North on Rte. 135, exit Plainview Rd., make a left to fork.

BETHPAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL (John F. Kennedy): 733-3762 – Seaford-Oyster Bay (135) North – Plainview Rd. South – Broadway – Bethpage, west to fork – bear left to Broadway – 3 blocks.

CALHOUN HIGH SCHOOL: 992-1048 – "Colts" – Southern State to Meadowbrook Rd. South to Webster St. into Parking Field.

H. F. CAREY HIGH SCHOOL: 488-9858 – "Seahawks" – Driving on Hempstead Tpke, five blocks west of Nassau Blvd., turn right on to Goldenrod Ave. (heading north) directly into school parking lot.

CARLE PLACE HIGH SCHOOL: 997-8321 – "Frogs" – Driving East on Old Country Rd. turn left at BP Station (light, opposite Avis Bldg.) onto Cherry Lane (School 1-mile north). Drive East on Jericho Turnpike turn right at light onto Carle Rd. Travel South on Carle Rd. to fork in road, bear right onto Cherry Lane.

W. T. CLARKE HIGH SCHOOL: 228-5227 – "Rams" – Old Country Rd. to Westbury Rd. At Valentines Rd. make a left & park behind BOCES. To Clarke make left at Regent Dr. from Westbury Rd.

COLD SPRING HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL: 631-692-8796 - "Seahawks" - Northern Blvd. (25A) East on Main Street to Turkey Lane.

DODD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: 867-5330 - "Red Devils" - From Sunrise Highway, go one block South on Guy Lombardo Avenue.

EAST MEADOW HIGH SCHOOL: 228-5227 - "Jets" - Hempstead Tpke. To Carman Avenue North 1000 ft. across from N.C. Medical Center.

EAST ROCKAWAY HIGH SCHOOL: 887-8300 X144 - "Rocks" - Sunrise Hwy. To corner of Ocean Ave. in Lynbrook - go south mi. school on left.

FARMINGDALE COLLEGE - 631-420-2000 - Take Southern State to Route 110 North, left on Melville Road to college entrance. Take LIE to exit 40 South to Melville Road, make a right to college entrance.

FARMINGDALE HIGH SCHOOL: 752-6638 - "Dalers" - Hempstead Tpke. To Merrit Rd. to Motor Ave. East to Woodward Pkwy. - South to High School.

FRIENDS ACADEMY: 393-4225 - "Quakers" - Traveling East, take exit 39N off the L.I.E. (Glen Cove Rd.). As you enter, take right fork (Cedar Swamp Rd.) At the 2nd light turn right onto 4th St., which becomes Forest Pond Rd. At the end turn left onto Piping Rock Rd., Friends Academy is on the left. .7 mi., just before the 1st traffic light. Go to the far end of the parking area. Traveling West, take exit 41 N off the L.I.E. or 35 off N. State. Drive N. on Rt. 107. Go N. on 107, after you cross N. Blvd. (25A) take the 1st right onto Hegeman's La. At the end, turn right onto Chicken Valley Rd. At the 1st traffic light turn left onto Piping Rock Rd. Friends Academy is on the left, 1.4 mi. just before the 1st traffic light. Go the far end of the parking area.

GARDEN CITY HIGH SCHOOL: 294-3057 - "Trojans" - Old Country Rd. West to End. Left onto Rockaway Ave.

GARDEN CITY MIDDLE SCHOOL: 294-3057 - "Trojans" - Corner of Steward Ave. & Cherry Valley Avenue

GLEN COVE HIGH SCHOOL: 759-7285 - "Big Red" - Glen Cove Rd. right onto Forest Ave., left onto Dosoris Lane

GLEN COVE MIDDLE ROBERT FINLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL: 759-7285 - "Big Red" - Glen Cove Rd. right onto Forest Avenue, left onto Dosoris.

GRAND AVENUE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: 992-1048 - "Braves" - Newbridge Rd. North from Sunrise Highway, to Swenson Pl. (left) bear right. Follow winding road to rear entrance.

GREAT NECK NORTH HIGH SCHOOL: 773-1513 - "Blazers" - L.I.E. to Exit 33 - North on Community Dr. East Shore Rd. West on Hicks Lane to Middle Neck Rd. Left on Middle Neck Rd. to Beach Rd. - right on Beach Rd. to Polo Rd. Left on Polo Rd.

GREAT NECK NORTH MIDDLE SCHOOL: 773-1570 - "Blazers" - Exit 33 L.I.E. Community Dr. to Hicks Lane to Arrandale Ave. to Polo Rd.

GREAT NECK SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL: 773-1600 - "Rebels" - L.I.E. Exit #33 - left under L.I.E. to Service Road - Enter 1st Gate.

GREAT NECK SOUTH MIDDLE SCHOOL: 773-1682 - "Rebels" - Lakeville Rd. Between Northern State Pkwy. (On South) & Long Island Expw. (On North)

THE GREENVALE SCHOOL: 621-2420 - On Rt. 25A across from N.Y. Tech.

HEMPSTEAD HIGH SCHOOL: 292-7111 X2000 - "Tigers" - Southern State to Peninsula Blvd. Exit North 2 lights East, left on President. School on the corner.

HEMPSTEAD MIDDLE SCHOOL: 292-7111 X2250 - "Tigers" - Peninsula Blvd. North to Greenwich.

HERRICKS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL: 248-3179 - "Highlanders" - Long Island Expy. From the West; Shelter Rock Road South 3 traffic lights, and the East; Searingtown Road Exit #36, South 5 traffic lights.

HERRICKS MIDDLE SCHOOL: 248-3179 - Hilldale Drive (Albertson) L.I.E. west to Exit 36 (Searingtown Road). Take Searingtown South to Hilldale Drive, (street after Dogwood Road).

GEORGE W. HEWLETT HIGH SCHOOL: 374-8022 - "Bulldogs" - Take Union Ave. South to East Rockaway Rd. and make right. School on left just before Broadway. Enter main/gym doors.

HICKSVILLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL: 733-6617 - "Comets" - Expressway to 107 South to Old Country Rd., make right on old Country Rd. one block, then left on Division Ave. for 3 blocks. School on right. Park in rear lot.

HICKSVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL: 733-6617 - Expressway to 107 South past Old Country Rd. to 4th St. Right on 4th St.

HOWITT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: 752-6638 - "Dalers" - Hempstead Tpke. - 1 block east of Main Street.

ISLAND PARK/LINCOLN ORENS MIDDLE SCHOOL: 431-8100 X231 - "Mariners" - South on Austin Blvd. Left turn at Trafalgar Blvd. (Jeff's Place).

ISLAND TREES HIGH SCHOOL: 520-2173/2144 - "Bulldogs" - One Block South of Hempstead Tpke. On Wantagh Ave., approx. 2 miles north from Southern State Pkwy. On Wantagh Ave.

ISLAND TREES MIDDLE SCHOOL: 520-2173 - "Bulldogs" - MS located on corner of Hempstead Tpke. And Wantagh Ave.

JERICHO SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL: 681-4100 X249 - "Jayhawks" - mile North of LIE on Rt. 106 or 107.

JERICHO MIDDLE SCHOOL: 681-4100 X249 - "Jayhawks" - Mile North of LIE on Rt. 106 or 107.

J. F. KENNEDY BELLMORE HIGH SCHOOL: 992-4240 - "Cougars" - Sunrise Hwy. Or Merrick Rd. to Bellmore Ave. South on Bellmore Ave. - 1 miles. School on west side.

LAWRENCE HIGH SCHOOL: 295-8081 - "Golden Tornado" - South on Peninsula Blvd. Right on Arlington to school.

LAWRENCE MIDDLE SCHOOL: 295-8081 - End of Peninsula Blvd. Turn left, go 2 lights past Railroad tracks to Broadway. Turn right, go 2 lights.

LAWRENCE ROAD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: 560-8855 - "The Lancers" - Milburn Rd. to school (across from Greenfield Cemetery).

LEVITTOWN DIVISION AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL: 520-8300 X624 - "Blue Dragons" - Hempstead Tpke. To Division Avenue

LOCUST VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL: 674-6337 - "Falcons" - Piping Rock Road thru village of Locust Valley to end of road; right on Horse Hollow Road to school - next to Creek Club Golf Course.

LONG BEACH HIGH SCHOOL: 897-2069 - "Marines" - From Meadowbrook Pkwy. - Lido Blvd. and make a right on Blackheath Rd. From Long Beach Rd. - Make left on Lido Blvd. and a left on Blackheath Rd.

LONG BEACH MIDDLE SCHOOL: 897-2069 - "Dolphins" - Lido Blvd. Adjacent to the Nassau County Golf Course.

LYNBROOK HIGH SCHOOL: 887-0236 - "Owls" - Sunrise Hwy. To Atlantic Ave. (Heart of Village) turn south on Atlantic - 1 Block - right fork - Union Ave. School block on right.

MACARTHUR HIGH SCHOOL: 520-8300 X624 - "Generals" - Exit 28 North on Southern State Parkway Corner of Wantagh Ave. and North Jerusalem Rd. (1st light) - School is on left.

MALVERNE HIGH SCHOOL: 887-6485 - "Mules" - Going West on Sunrise Hwy. - right turn on Ocean Ave. mile - School on Ocean Ave. Southern State Pkwy. - Exit 17 South.

MALVERNE MIDDLE SCHOOL(HERBER): 887-6485 - "Vikings" - Going West on Sunrise Hwy. Right turn on Ocean Avenue mile school on Ocean Avenue - Southern State Pkwy. Exit 17 South.

MANHASSET JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL: 627-8000 X1160 - "Indians" - Northern State Pkwy. (Exit 27) or LIE (Exit 35 from west or Exit 36 from East). North on Shelter Rock Road. Left on Northern Blvd. (Rt. 25A) Two lights turn right on Plandome Road. First light turn left on Manhasset Ave. to school.

MASSAPEQUA HIGH SCHOOL: 797-6197 - "Chiefs" - From Southern State Pkwy., exit 30 south to Merrick Rd. (27A) east, located across from Bar Harbor Shopping Center.

MATTLIN MIDDLE SCHOOL: 349-4789 - "Hawks" - Southern State Pkwy. To Oyster Bay Exp. North to Old Country Rd., right to Manetto Hill Rd., left to Washington Ave., right to school. Northern State Pkwy. To Oyster Bay Exp., south to Old Country Rd. left to Manetto Hill Rd., left to Washington Ave., right to school.

W. C. MEPHAM HIGH SCHOOL: 992-1048 - "Pirates" - Sunrise Highway, Newbridge Ave. North to Camp Ave. (left).

MERRICK AVENUE MIDDLE SCHOOL: 992-1048 - "Rams' - Merrick Ave. between Sunrise Hwy. And Southern State Parkway.

MINEOLA HIGH SCHOOL: 739-4168 - "Mustangs" - L.I.E. Exit 35 South onto Shelter Rock Rd., or Exit 36 South onto Searingtown Rd. Both roads run into Herricks Rd. Continue South on Herricks to Jericho Tpke. Turn Right on Jericho Tpke. And Left onto Armstrong Rd.

MINEOLA MIDDLE SCHOOL: 488-9500 - "Mustangs" - 2 Blocks South of Jericho Turnpike on Emory.

NASSAU COMMUNITY COLLEGE - 572-7501 - Hempstead Tpke to Uniondale Ave. (light and Roy Rogers on South side). Turn North (across from Roy Rogers) into entrance road, continue north to college parking lot. It is also possible to enter from Stewart Ave. on Endo Drive or Selfridge (see map).

NEW HYDE PARK MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL: 488-9500 - "Gladiators" - L.I.E. or Northern State to New Hyde Park Rd. south. Left on Hillside Ave. to Denton. Right to first light. (Evergreen) Right to school, on left.

NORTH SHORE HIGH SCHOOL: 705-0222 - "Vikings" - From 25A north on Glen Cove Rd. take 3rd traffic light left; Go one block under R.R., bridge bear right on Glen Cove Ave. to 3rd light - turn right in front of school.

NORTH SHORE MIDDLE SCHOOL: 705-0222 - "Vikings" - From the L.I.E.: Same as above ***, at the 3rd traffic light the middle school is on the left side.

OCEANSIDE HIGH SCHOOL: 678-7530 - "Sailors" - From Atlantic Ave. to Brower Ave. to Skillman Ave. From Oceanside Rd. to Davidson Ave. Left to Brower Ave. to Skillman Ave.

OCEANSIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL: 678-7530 - "Sailors: - Oceanside Rd. South to Alice Ave. left to school.

OYSTER BAY HIGH SCHOOL: 624-6558 - "Baymen" - Route 106 to E. Main Street

PACKARD MIDDLE SCHOOL: 755-5715/5716 - "Red Devils" - Oyster Bay Expressway to Boundary Ave. (East) to Central Ave. (South).

PLAINEDGE HIGH SCHOOL: 797-4473 - "Red Devils" - Southern State Parkway to Hicksville Road (Rt. 107) Hicksville Road South to Wyngate Drive, Left on Wyngate to School.

PLAINVIEW-OLD BETHPAGE (JOHN F. KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL): 349-4789 - "Hawks" - Southern State to Exit 28A (Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway) north to Old Country Rd., east to Manetto Hill Rd., left to Washington Ave., right to Kennedy Dr., right to school; or Northern State to Exit 37 (Manetto Hill Rd.) South to Washington Ave., left to Kennedy Drive, right to School.

PLAINVIEW-OLD BETHPAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL: 349-4789 - "Hawks" - Rte. 135 (S.O.B. Expwy.) to Old Country Road, go east one block to Central Park Road, go north, Middle School will be on left.)

PORT WASHINGTON PAUL D. SCHREIBER HIGH SCHOOL: 767-4410/4412 - "Vikings" - Searingtown Road (North) to Port Washington Blvd. (North), right turn on Campus Drive for H.S

ROOSEVELT JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL: 867-8667/8680 - "Rough Riders" - Southern State Parkway to Exit #21 - South - Nassau Road (South) to Clinton Avenue - make left to Clinton - east to Wagner Avenue - left from Wagner to school.

ROSLYN HIGH SCHOOL: 625-6317/18 - "Bull Dogs" - Roslyn Road to Round Hill Road for High School. Roslyn Road to Harbor Hill Road for Athletic Fields.

ROSLYN MIDDLE SCHOOL: 625-6317 - "Bull Dogs" - Service Road of the L.I.E. eastbound off exit 37 to Locust Lane, right into school.

JONAS E. SALK JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: 520-8300 X 624 - "Cavaliers" - One block North of Southern State Pkwy. One block West of Wantagh Ave.

SEAFORD HIGH SCHOOL: 783-0783/29 - "Vikings" - Seaford Oyster Bay (S) to 105 -to Jerusalem Avenue to Seamans Neck Road

SEAFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL: 783-0783/29 - "Vikings" - Seaford Oyster Bay Expwy. South. Exit 105 to stop sign - left to Jerusalem, left to Washington Ave., right to Sunset - right on Sunset to School.

SEWANHAKA HIGH SCHOOL: 488-9858 - "Indians" - Southern State Pkwy. To Corona North - left Dutch Broadway - right on to Meacham (which becomes Covert Ave.) to school (OR) LIE to Lakeville Rd. South - right on to Jericho Tpke. - to Covert Ave. - left to school. (OR) Hempstead Tpke. To Covert Ave. North to School.

SOUTH SIDE HIGH SCHOOL: 255-8972 - "Cyclones" - Sunrise Highway to Long Beach Road. North to Shepherd Street. Turn right and proceed directly into school parking lot.

SOUTH SIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL: 255-8972 - "Spartans" - Off Lakeview Avenue between Hempstead Ave. and Burtis Avenue.

SOUTH WOODS MIDDLE SCHOOL: 364-5748 - "Braves" - L.I.E. to Route 135 North, Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway to Woodbury/Jericho exit east on Jericho Tpke. Three traffic lights to Southwoods Road (Quality Ct. Motel on right,) left onto Southwoods Road approximately 1 miles to school (High School) for Jr. High (Pass High School) tennis courts to Pell Lane on left.

SYOSSET HIGH SCHOOL: 364-5748 - "Braves" - L.I.E. to Route 135 North, Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway to Woodbury/Jericho exit east on Jericho Tpke. Three traffic lights to Southwoods Road (Quality Ct. Motel on right, left onto Southwoods Road approximately 1 miles to school.

H. B. THOMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL: 364-5748 - "Braves" - L.I.E. , exit 43, South Oyster Bay Rd. North, To Hicks Rd., turn right onto Hicks Rd. to Melanie, turn left, to Cary turn right, to Ann Drive turn right.

TURTLE HOOK JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: 560-8953 - "The Trojans" - Hempstead Tpke. West to Uniondale Avenue, take Uniondale South to Jerusalem Ave. (left on Jerusalem).

UNIONDALE HIGH SCHOOL: 560-8953 - "Knights" - Hempstead Tpke. To Uniondale Ave., about mile West of Meadowbrook Pkwy. (Exit 5). Proceed South on Uniondale approx. mile, turn left into Goodrich St. School at the end of the road.

VALLEY STREAM CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL: 561-4456 - "Eagles" - Going west on Merrick Road, right turn onto Fletcher Ave., Exit 15 So. Off Southern State, mile, to intersection of Hendrickson Ave., right turn to intersection at Fletcher, left turn going south mile.

VALLEY STREAM MEMORIAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: 561-4456 - "Gladiators" - Off Merrick Road on Fletcher Ave. to Hendrickson Avenue.

VALLEY STREAM NORTH HIGH SCHOOL: 561-4456 - "Spartans" - Southern State Pkwy., Exit 17 North (Hempstead Ave.), left on Cornwell Ave., right on Dogwood Ave., left on Seabury Ave.- directly into school parking lot.

VALLEY STREAM SOUTH JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL: 561-4456 - "Falcons" - Southern State Parkway Exit 13S onto Central Avenue(becomes Mill Rd., after Sunrise Highway) go approximately 2 miles to Jedwood Place, turn right (west) to Valley Stream South Jr. Sr. High.

WANTAGH MIDDLE/SR HIGH SCHOOL: 679-6423 - "Warriors" - Wantagh Ave. (South from Southern State or Jerusalem Ave., - North from Sunrise Hwy.) to Beltagh Ave. - West on Beltagh mile.

CARRIE PALMER WEBER MIDDLE SCHOOL: 767-4410/4412 - "Spartans" - L.I.E. to Exit 36 to Port Washington Blvd. opposite European American Bank. WESTBURY HIGH SCHOOL: 876-5075 - "Green Dragons" - Post Avenue to Jericho Turnpike

WESTBURY MIDDLE SCHOOL: 876-5075/76 - "Lancers" - Post Avenue to Rockland Street

WEST HEMPSTEAD HIGH SCHOOL: 489-7620 X254 - "Rams" - Exit 17N on Southern Pkwy; travel North bear Left to Nassau Blvd. Schools on left.)

WEST HEMPSTEAD MIDDLE SCHOOL: 489-7620 X253/254 - "Rams" - Exit 17N on Southern Pkwy., travel North bear Left to Nassau Blvd. Schools on left.

WHEATLEY HIGH SCHOOL: 876-4733/34 - "Wildcats" - Going West Jericho Tpke. To beginning of Hillside Ave. - 1/10 mile before Glen Cove Rd. - Right onto Bacon. Going East Hillside Ave. - 1/10 mile after Glen Cove Rd. - Left turn onto Bacon. Going south Glen Cove Rd. to Hillside Ave. - Left on Hillside Ave. - 1/10 mile - Left turn onto Bacon. Going North Glen Cove Rd. to Hillside Ave. - Right on Hillside - 1/10 mile - Left turn onto Bacon.

WISDOM LANE MIDDLE SCHOOL: 520-8300 x624 - Old Jerusalem Road to Center Lane or Hempstead Turnpike east of Wantagh Parkway right turn onto Center Lane.

WOODLAND MIDDLE SCHOOL: 228-5227 - "Firebirds" - From Hempstead Tpke. Go South on East Meadow Ave. 3 traffic lights, 3 blocks after the last light make a right on North Dr. and next right onto Midland Drive and follow in to parking lot.

WOODMERE ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL: 374-9000 - "Tigers" - Belt Pkwy. To Rockaway Tpke. South - Left to Peninsula Blvd. - Right at Woodmere Blvd. School - three blocks on right.

WOODMERE MIDDLE SCHOOL: 374-8022 - "Bulldogs" - Take Peninsula Blvd. South - cross Mill Rd. - school on right. Use front entrance-right side.