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Carey Seahawks Baseball

Introduction of All-Decades Teams by Coach Bob Walpole

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Introduction of All-Decades Teams by Coach Bob Walpole
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     All-Time teams are difficult to pick, particularly in baseball. Because of  changes in the game over the years, such as length of schedule, an extended playoff structure, the re-entry rule, the introduction of the DH , new equipment (the aluminum bat), league and division alignments due to enrollment fluctuations, etc., the statistics from the era of the 60’s and 70’s  vary greatly from the years that followed. Each decade is unique. In an attempt to take those things into consideration, Teams of the Decade have been charted. They are the opinions of the three coaches of those eras, reflecting a player’s best year and an overall rating based on leadership, fielding ability and attitude in all the years of Varsity participation. A player can receive this honor only after his entire career at Carey is completed. All-County selections automatically qualify.


 In light of a team’s finish in the standings and selection “politics”, many contributors to the program were not chosen for All-County status.  In other years they certainly would have qualified and those players should not and have not been forgotten.


So without further adieu, here are the combined Teams of the Decade:


*Indicates All-County Selection

**Indicates All-County and League MVP Selection



Coach Bob Walpole